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steve walsh

The presence of people, in any group, with differing points of view is insufficient to arrive at truth. Equally important is a personal commitment to seriously consider points of view that are different than one's own. Actually, I think this may be most important.

The evidence is that we all are given to holding and defending our point of view, regardless of any newly introduced facts. If my experience is at all typical it is that it is very difficult, and requires constant vigilance to be open minded.

Embracing a commitment to finding truth is the foundational ideal, ideology is anathema to this commitment as it requires exclusion of conflicting ideas and facts.


Steve, if I was not clear that being exposed to varying ideas and the arguments for them is only a necessary, yet not sufficient condition for seeking truth, my apologies. I completely agree that we must strive to not just hear opposing views, but be willing to analyze the arguments in favor of them and, toughest of all, be open minded.

No matter your views, good exercises for all of us.

steve walsh

Yes, I understood that, but wanted to emphasize what I see as the difficulty. People throw around the phrase "open mind" without understanding, as I think you do, what it means. In my experience it is difficult, and rare, for people to have an open mind such that they are willing to subjugate their point of view, even briefly, to the goal of truth finding. Too many of us believe we already understand the truth and so are unwilling to open our mind to an alternate idea.

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