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You must have missed this "As for the strings attached, there's really only one of any substance. An advisory board, selected by the Koch brothers' charitable foundation in consultation with the FSU economics department, reviews and approves professors chosen for the program before funding is released." So much for academic freedom.

Peg, you seem to forget that once you also were as enlightened as your sister before you sold your soul to the devil.


Jammen - are you telling me that wealthy liberals never have conditions on their gifts?

No time to search - but - my guess is I could find hundreds of examples.

The Koch brothers are getting their views expressed. Just like Soros has the right to do - among many others.

John Pepple

jammen, why bother giving to a college if you don't get to control how it's used? I remember a hilarious letter to one of our weekly news magazines a number of years ago in response to an article talking about how student athletes were allowed to slide by in classes. The letter writer said that he was giving his donation to the college library because that way he could be assured that no athletes at the school would benefit.

As for academic freedom, the college is perfectly free to refuse to accept the gift if it doesn't like the strings that are attached.

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