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John Pepple

Thanks for the link, Peg. I had forgotten what they had said back then.


Off topic but much more interesting: Ben Stein defends IMF chief Straus-Kahn. Stein, One of Peg's favorite conservatives (see multiple past columns) lists three reasons why Strauss-Kahn is not guilty:
1) He did not have a gun nor a knife and is old and fat therefore he could not have raped her.
2) He is an economist and that profession does not rape.
3) Stein has known a lot of crazy chambermaids.

No, this is not The Onion. You can not make this stuff up.

God help the country if conservatives get back in power.


Is Ben Stein running for public office? Gee; I musta missed it.

I'd already seen the column and you are correct; it is ridiculous. While I stand by the value of some previous columns, clearly he hit a home run here of ludicrous proportions.

Somehow, however, I do not think you can tar millions of people with conservative or libertarian views with Stein going whacko here. I'm sure, however, that you shall try to do so, Jammen!

Earth Ocean Sky Redux

Peg, this is a great video. Too bad Don Smith isn't more visible. The guy only as 170,000+ hits on this YouTube video. Fox needs to find him, fast.

As much as I liked Smith's message, I had even more fun seeing the pre-Botox, pre-glam-makeover Nancy Pelosi on this clip.

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