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As usual you missed the whole point of the Dionne article. He puts "voter fraud" in quotes because some states have ulterior motives in making the changes. There are Red states trying to make it harder for Blacks and Hispanics (mostly Democrats)to vote.

He is not objecting to cleaning up voter fraud. He is objecting to underhanded politics posing as reform. Just as you would object to a requirement that all votes be made on twitter accounts. Gosh, you're older, Republican, and don't have a twitter account?


And - as usual, you do not address the issues at hand. A myriad of tasks today require ID - and people supply it. If the government insures that everyone can get ID - at no cost if they cannot afford it - then please explain how this disenfranchises anyone?

Love, too, how you seem to assume that blacks and hispanics would have trouble getting ID. Seems like you - like many - are under the mistaken apprehension that they are less capable than others. I am not of that opinion.

And gosh; I do have a Twitter account. I just don't use it because I personally think it is stupid. Utterly irrelevant, as far as I can determine, to the issue at hand.

J. Reed Anderson

Peg, directly to your point: Yesterday I had to give my social security number to my insurer in order to file a worker's comp claim.

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