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Yes Canada used to be a liberal country. Now, however, they are led by Harper's conservative party.

Is this what happens when conservatives win power?


Call me crazy - but - activities such as this one I do not believe are being supported by conservatives.


When the percentage of Muslims reaches around 5%, as it is in Toronto, it is in the interests of the politicians to pander to them for votes.

This is what happens when a country embraces the idea of multiculturalism.

I get my Canada news from small dead animals, writing from Saskatchewan. Her tagline on multicultualism is, "I thought multiculturalism meant more pavilions at Folk Fest."


Excellent idea. They have to go to lots of prayer services, so it is convenient that the cafeteria can be set aside for that purpose without interfering with anyone's schooling.


"They can pray to God or Allah" God, Allah, same thing, different name.


"They can pray to God or Allah" God, Allah, same thing, different name.

Not all share your opinion, BensonBear.

Paul Barnes

The services are during school hours. Jammen, education is a provincial matter in Canada, so Harper really has nothing to do with it.


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