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Kudos Peg. After slogging through the voluminous articles written by journalists the world over I finally find a defense of Murdoch on your blog. He's not so bad because Bernstein also broke the law when he uncovered the Watergate scandal.

While that logic may not pass muster in a debate class who cares! Finally someone stands up for the uber wealthy. Now if you could just convince the British Parliament.


Jammen - are you really unable to decipher what people are actually saying, or are you simply putting on a good act? What I wrote had nothing to do with Murdoch; it was about Carl Bernstein.

Bernstein was saying that his actions were OK because he thought they were. Well; perhaps they were. But he won't acknowledge that he essentially did the same thing, yet condoned it because of the ends.

Like I said - my post has nothing - nothing - to say or do about Murdoch.


"he essentially did the same thing,"

See that is where we differ. I do not equate Bernstein's Watergate investigation with News of the World's hacking the cell phone of a missing little girl which impeded the police investigation and falsely raised the parents hopes that she was still alive.

I guess that I am just "really unable to decipher what people are actually saying".
Because Peg, you get to decide what to write about in your blog. So when you choose to ignore what the rest of the world is outraged about, but instead put forth a ridiculous comparison between Bernstein and Murdock that is when you leave your readers wondering what are you thinking!


Jammen - you do make a good point to some degree. While Murdoch's employee did do "essentially the same thing" as Bernstein did - I agree that ultimately, the aim of each was quite different. I do support "civil disobedience" - though obviously people disagree as to when it is appropriate and when not.

My point, however, is that Bernstein should not get so high and mighty about himself. He did do something illegal, though many (most?) in the long run thought that the crime was worth the end. Nevertheless, he should be more judicious about his own actions.

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