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Your posts continue to go off the deep end.

If you really believed this then you would have been demagoguing Bush for flying Air Force One and for taking more vacations than any previous President.

The fact is you have been smearing President Obama since his inaugeration. It comes off as sour grapes simply because your candidate didn't get elected.


"Sour grapes because your candidate didn't get elected."

Nah. I voted for McCain, but he was not my first choice and I was not excited about him. I had vastly higher hopes for President Obama - as, I might add, did a great many Democrats I know at this stage. (Have you done any checking lately, Jammen, about how many Obama voters are disgusted with his presidency now?)

All presidents travel around the world and spend a great deal of money doing it. Yet, very few have been tone deaf enough to do what the Obamas have been doing. Instead of going to spots like Camp David, or their own home or ranch, they visit the most luxurious of the elite spots in the world to vacation. The First Lady cannot wait a couple of hours to travel on the same jet with her husband, instead spending tens of thousands more to suit her personal whims.

Where previous presidents were able to "get by" with modest motorcades, this president literally does seem to "need" more than most royalty around the world.

I know you don't see it. That's fine. More and more of America does. And - with each new person who gets fed up with tone deaf ability to appreciate that you should not live like some uber-wealthy potentate as the rest of your nation struggles to put groceries on the table and keep their homes, the odds that the Obamas will be able to retire to private life after the 2012 election increases.

You may think me wrong and bitter. But - as the saying goes, we shall see in slightly over a year who is correct.

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