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So you have already forgotten your post "Agnostics for Perry"?

Jammen: "So you like Rick (no jews allowed) Perry?"
Peg: "Yeah, well - bullshit about Perry and Jews, Jammen. Just making it up as you go along again, eh?"

As the Texas Observer story shows many people do care about a candidates religious beliefs. That includes all candidates not just Republicans.

We do not share your idealistic opinion that they will be able to separate their religious beliefs from their duties as President.


Though my grandfather is a Church of God minister, I'd like to know whether Rick Perry believes in science and the scientific method. I know y'all would like to put that down to The Liberal Press, but come on - the man doesn't believe in Global Warming, but he does believe he can hold a prayer meeting to end the drought in Texas? What did he think was going to happen?

As for Keith Ellison - he's been getting grilled on Sharia Law by everyone from Fox News to the John Birch Society, for as long as he's been in Congress. Come the day he runs for President, every bigot in the Republic Party will raise dark questions about his citizenship, and Donald Trump will use it for the talking point in his next run for president.


Colbert King, liberal pundit, says it far better than I can:


I don’t have a right to know what a candidate thinks about the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Decalogue or the Second Coming. I do, however, need to know about a candidate’s fealty to the Constitution and laws of the land. And, in reaching a judgment about a candidate’s fitness for office, I will want to know where that person stands on a host of issues, including the social safety net, defense, climate change, teaching evolution, and his or her willingness and ability to defend the rights and protection of the law promised to all citizens. But learning about a candidate’s views on public matters ought to be enough. Whether those views are informed by religion or by non-belief is not my chief concern.

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