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I think brass dollars cost about 5cents to make, and for every one in a kid's collector jacket, they profit 95 cents. They turned a profit on the 50 state quarters, and hoped to turn a bigger profit on the President Dollars.

Alas they left out the first 16 or so presidents: Hancock, Livingston, John Hansen, et al. the ones who were president of the independent Continental Congress (and add Peyton Randoplh for a non-independent Continental Congress) and under the Articles of Confederation.


Paper one dollar bills are the real money waster--they only last about 9 months in service, while coins last pretty much forever. Canada has no bill smaller than the five, there is no one Euro bill, there is no one British Pound bill. We are the silly ones still printing small paper bills--better to get rid of them entirely and only use the dollar coins.


Actually, Chris, I have heard that the dollar bills don't last too long. If this is indeed the case and it would be fiscally more prudent to have the dollar coins - then phase out the paper and make only the coins! You can bet people would use them then.

What bothers me is the waste in government. Set up the system so it makes sense and is a wise use of our tax dollars.

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