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Steve Oliver

This is similar to what we have been through in Wisconsin with our public employees (especially teachers). They believe the taxpayer should continually ccough up enough for them to have no stake in their retirement or healthcare. The biggest problem with healthcare costs is that no one has "a dog in the fight" anymore. Someone else pays the premium in many cases, so who cares what it costs. And Obamacare won't make it better. In fact, I see an 80-20 chance of Obamacare making the problem worse and Socialized healthcare will make the problem worse by orders of magnitude.

Healthcare is not a human right, a civil right or even a natural right according to the Constitution. It is a commodity to be purchased. To take money from one at the point of a gun to provide healthcare to another is a bigger sin than being unable to pay for healthcare.


I know where you're coming from with the "one incident" concern. I tend to be a fairly healthy guy. Having spent a year out of work, and working now for about half of what I made three years ago, I'd been going without insurance - the lowest-priced insurance I'd found for someone my age was $200/month with a $10K deductible.

Then I broke an ankle. I ended up going with just a cast, for a total of about $3K in direct costs, including the emergency room. If I'd had the operation that was recommended, I'd have spent at least $20K.

All of those prices take a 40% discount for not having insurance into account.

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