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Donald Mamula

The interesting fact is that it was RT (Russian Television) that produced this report, not one of the traditional media sources in the UK or USA.

Barely a word of this from the Beeb.


Yes, very "interesting," Don.

Why don't they want the world to know about this? Clearly - no other explanation.

John Pepple

What's pathetic about traditional news sources is that they think they still have a monopoly on the news, so they think they can keep this kind of news out of the hands of the "wrong" people, meaning of people who will use it to be prejudiced against Muslims. Instead, the "wrong" people know all about it from the Internet, while liberals and leftists are the ones who are ignorant.

We saw this same thing with the Duke lacrosse team. For months the NY Times talked about how those boys were in deep trouble, until the day it turned out that it was the prosecutor who was in deep trouble. It must have been a big jolt hearing about that, but anyone who took the time to get beyond what the MSM was reporting could see it coming.

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