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I think you have to assume that 1) the candidates are doing the very best that they are capable of. and 2) that they are intentionally aiming at current state of the GOP electorate.

Which is good enough explanation for why I can't possibly be part of that electorate, or support any of these laughable candidates.

How can you?


All a matter of compare and contrast, Chris.

With a few exceptions (Bachmann, Santorum) - I think that this cast of characters would be somewhat to far superior to the guy already in the White House.

Love to have someone better - but - for now, these are our choices. Cain, Perry, Romney, Paul, Gingrich - all much better than the Current Occupant.

EOS Redux

Amen to that Peg.


First I read Borowitz and then you, Peg, for satire of the highest order.

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