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J. Reed Anderson

I agree with Rubio that many conservatives need to "overhaul" their attitudes on immigration. Put that human face on it. But we're (and he) is still talking about legal immigration. The Republican party does have a lot to offer Hispanics. And when they're in the community as families the do bring much good with them--work values, family values. What we don't need is them (or any other immigrant legal or not) competing for the job Americans will do: collecting welfare benefits and filling out the forms in the language of the language of their people.


J. Reed - I agree that we should have people coming to our nation legally. But - that being said, I also think that we need to overhaul our immigration law and policies.

Jason Feldman

I completely disagree on his attitude towards the DREAM Act. His argument against it is that it will create "chain migration". I presume he means that if we let the person who has lived here since they were 2, graduated high school and college (or served for several years in the U.S. military), be granted a path to citizenship, it is going to spawn a flood of illegal immigrants hoping that their toddlers can eventually become citizens 15 years down the road.

Illegal immigrants will continue to come as they have been, but that is because there is plentiful work available for them here. Jobs that Americans just won't do (or lack the skills to do them).

Punishing and deporting kids who have spent essentially their whole lives here is just cruel. Now that we have paid to educate them for 15 to 20 years we want to deport them as opposed to letting them be a valuable member of society that pays taxes and contributes to our economy? I heartily disagree that deporting and not providing a path to legalization for educated college graduates, is the right policy.

I don't think either party is taking the right approach to immigration. There should be no arbitrary limits on immigration. As long as an employer is willing to pay at least the prevailing wage (not the minimum wage) for the occupation (as well as the $5,000 plus in fees for the H programs or similar programs), they should be allowed to hire whoever they want. In most fields it just won't make sense for employers to hire foreigners because of the costs. However, for the IT, healthcare, and agricultural sectors
there are nowhere near enough qualified, willing and able Americans to do the jobs. If we want to keep these industries here, we have to provide the businesses with the workers they need. Enforcement should come on the employment side, with steep fines for failing to comply. Many public and political officials even shun the laws and hire illegal immigrants under the table. Lou Dobbs being one of the most vocal hypocrite of them all.

In fairness of disclosure, I am an immigration attorney, which provides both bias and greater insight. http://www.immigrateme.com


Hi Jason--

I profess to be no expert on what the DREAM program is, nor "chain migration". But, from my read, it seems as if you are ascribing beliefs to Rubio that he does not hold. I think he agress with you; we cannot deport people who have lived here their whole lives. If you read above, Rubio says he is in favor of legalization - but perhaps not citizenship in all cases.

I posted this because what Rubio believes is what is counter to many Republican attitudes. I, too, welcome immigrants to our nation, and hope we can search for a more humane solution to the people who are currently here illegally, yet are people who otherwise would be welcome in our society.

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