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R.K. Brumbelow

As a truly disabled person, It always infuriates me when people just say something like: "oh, I will just go get disability like you did." As though disability was something I chose. Almost as infuriating is "It must be nice to be able to sit around all day and read or watch TV". Given the choice I would gladly trade my daily existence to be back in the workforce.

As my disability has gotten worse I have lost the ability to read because of my brain tumour. Constant anxiety/panic attacks make things a lonely living hell much of the time. Pumping my body and brain full of drugs so that I can leave my apartment once a week to go grocery shopping or see a doctor is how I have to live now. But, when I am able, I do volunteer to help tutor students try and help others with various issues.

So I share your frustration. 20% more disabled people than 3 years ago? That seems completely ridiculous.

When asked what my job is I say "Going to the doctor and getting well. So that I can go back into the workforce and gladly pay a fair tax"

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