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Yeah, we don't get to feed them, but at least we can still shoot them. Gotta love the concealed carry law at national parks.


Poor Jammen. Wrong again. (Ever feel a little sad about your ratio of accuracy here?)

While it may be legal to carry firearms in national parks - it is illegal to shoot animals. I know it's difficult for you to comprehend that someone might be able to carry a gun and not use it. But - that's the law. No shooting of animals in national parks.

J. Reed Anderson

Because the shooting of animals in national parks is restricted by each state's game laws which also proscribe the minimum kind of calibre and shell length that can be used. But it's all right you didn't know this jammen. Most city folks don't. Most don't even know their food starts in dirt, and then either goes into the produce section or into the meat section. And vegan packages start with trees. Cut by large, diesel-burning machines. Carried to the mill on the back of large trucks. Cut by...

John Pepple

jammen, the topic was becoming dependent as a result of getting handouts. Why did you want to switch topics?

סיבים תזונתיים

oh yea... not very smart...


I just "target", "take aim", and put them in my "cross hairs". That way I'm not responsible for what my minions do.


There you go again, Jammen. Quoting more Democrats.....!


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