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J. Reed Anderson

Next time Peg! You'll whoop him next time!


J.Reed; here's hoping!

Meanwhile - Bill is off to the Olympics. So - I will not see him when I go to Omaha next week for one of my district's tournaments.

I hope he ends up OK... I worry about the crowds and potential dangers there.

Donald Mamula

Were you sitting in his seat??

Maybe you can trade your gold card for his Centurion Amex card (the one with no spending limit).


I actually WAS in Bill's seat!

And - GOLD CARD? Mr. Mamula; surely you jest!

(I have the run-of-the-mill peanuts-and-beer green card. I aspire to gold!)

Donald Mamula

Peg....I meant your ACBL Life Master "gold card".


Oh, indeed; got one of those, Dr. Mamula! :)

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