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Well, we have DOZENS and dozens of electoral districts in Philly and Chicago and Cleveland where there was not ONE Romney vote ...not a single one. 100% for the Big O. Uhm , not ONE cretin checked the wrong box. Really?

Seriously, since this doesn't affect the greater election, even if they all broke 50/50, you'd think someone (Hello Justice Dept? Anyone? )would look into this because EVEN the soviets of my youth started blushing after 97-98%.

And that's that's just the tippy top of the over the top electoral fraud we saw.

I don't mind electoral game - busing in your supporters to the voting stations -

But the evidence of out and out organized fraud is rampant & obvious and yet one ONE MSM reporter wants to touch it. Nevermind FBI., Justice, etc....

Well to the banana republic!


"Irrespective of your politics - don't you think that we should be able to do better in these United States?"

Al Gore agrees.


At least Al Gore had an in depth review. The news consortium agreed: he lost.



"An initial recount of some early ballots in St. Lucie gave West a slight bump. His campaign fought for a fuller recount, and received it, but it only improved Murphy's margin of victory. He won by more than 2,000 votes."

Let's have more recounts.


As usual, it appears that you didn't read my post.

Do you think it's appropriate to not count votes when they are supposed to be counted?

Do you think it's appropriate to count the same votes more than once?

Do you think it's appropriate to lose a box of votes?

I know it's tough to get your mind around this, jammen. But had West won under these circumstances, would you think that no investigation was necessary? Or do your actions depend upon whether your person won or not?

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