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Chris Pisarra

Talk about grandstanding!!!! A radical right congressman relentlessly badgering and abusing a government employee for doing his job.

The radical right closed down the government, then tried to make political hay out of the effects of their own actions, displaying a total lack of integrity or ethics.

Once again, if you don't like the effects of a government shutdown, don't shut down the government. Take responsibility for your actions and their consequences.


Chris - it's a two way street. One could argue that the President and the Democrats shut down the government just as much - if not more - as the Republicans did. Had they come to the bargaining table with the Republicans, it could have ended far earlier. Many different proposals were offered; the President refused to budge on any.

As for an employee "doing his job" - you tell me why activities that never happened when the government was "open" (like policing of our open parks and memorials) somehow magically had to happen during the shutdown.

I can tell you why. This administration thought it would be good "politial theater" to have it happen. It didn't happen for the good of the American people; that's for sure.

Finally - as for the Republicans wanting to stop Obamacare .... it looks like this administration is doing a fine job of it on their own.

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