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Chris Pisarra

"Lefties"? Just what president signed this bill into law, and what was the makeup of the Congress that passed it?

Here's a hint--the law was signed in 2007. Perhaps you remember the "Lefty" president at that time.

Funny how everything you don't like you ascribe to "Lefties", facts be damned.


Yes, I know that GWB was president then and he was the one who signed it. I don't think that he really was a supporter of it - but believe me, I surely do blame him for signing the bill (and I do realize he's not a "leftie"!)

I also have read some articles that claim some corporations actually like this bill, as it removes a very inexpensive and useful product from the marketplace; perhaps they are correct.

Neverthelss, when it comes to most consumer goods, I stand by my claim that it is more often the left rather than the right that tries to dictate what we can and cannot buy, rather than the right.

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