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J. Reed Anderson

I have seen this practice for nearly twenty years, Peg, and much of that time as a "professional" in the newspaper business. It's laziness. The press release comes in, an aspiring Woodstein copies and pastes, maybe calls the sending agency or NGO for a brief comment and thus a byline, and presto! it's front page news. And tomorrow there will be more front page news made the same way.

I saw a few months back that my alma mater was hiring a journalism professor (I've a degree in English, a minor in Philosophy, so I'm really not good for much) and the two primary criteria were, 1) an adherence to proper ideology, all progressive; 2) a Ph.D., or working toward one. I, a publisher, editor, writer, photographer, business manager, sales manager (and salesman) was not qualified, least because of my lack of grad and post-grad work, most because I do not worship the same god as they. But there's your modern report--excuse me--journalist. Bred to ideology, and naught else. There's why such trash gets printed as fact, broadcast as fact, everywhere.

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