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John Pepple

For at least a century and a half, the left has used the exploited factory worker as the representative of all poor people. If something is good for the exploited factory worker, then it must be good for all poor people. Right? Since a wage hike would be good for exploited factory workers, it must be good for all poor, including the unemployed.

But the unemployed have their own perspective (unless they have been blinded by leftist propaganda). Raising the minimum wage doesn't help them one bit because it destroys jobs, so they have no reason to support it.

A lot more could be said about their perspective. For example, exploited factory workers hate profits because they see profits as money that has been stolen from them. But the unemployed have no reason to hate profits and may even like them if profits lead to lots of jobs being created.

J. Reed Anderson

All very true, John. I'll add that raising the minimum wage a certain amount doesn't just raise the minimum wage, but all other wages. A $10 an hour employee sees a minimum wage co-worker suddenly deemed as valuable as he, which is unfair, and so requires an increase of at least the same amount. This raises all the costs of employment across all occupations and industries.

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