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J. Reed Anderson

Good to see you're back, Peg.


J.Reed - not sure how "back" I will be. But thanks for the kind words and I'll aim for more!


I would disagree on why the Republicans are such losers--they keep becoming mini-Demi's. If they actually stood up for the values they profess to have they might do better.

I don't think social issues are as big a deal for the country as the fiscal ones. Without a thriving economy, the social issues won't matter. When you don't have enough to eat, who you marry is immaterial, unless they have food.

But the social issues are what get people stirred up, not finances. Proper economics and civics hasn't been taught for ages in the schools, so all the fiscal argument is so much noise to most people. But they hang on the social life of the Kim Kardashians.

I will keep voting the best I can, and posting when I have something new to say, and talking to those I can, but I have little long-term hope for this country at this point. Even if he has a Republican Senate and House to deal with after 2014, Obama has done so much damage it cannot be reversed, and no politician has the guts to try to fix it, because too many people will think they are hurt, which may be true in the short run. After all, they have been living off some form of government money for years.

Glad you have a breather and can post.


Bill, I must admit that I worry, too. Big time.

Although I believe that in time, things can be repaired and replaced - the bigger the destruction and problems, the longer it takes to fix it all - and with vastly more effort, money, etc.

On top of that, as you point out, so many of our values seem to be lost and no longer taught.

So - I hope for the best... but cannot help but worry tremendously.

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